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The Yangpa
Thursday, 15 June 2006
Dry Cleaners Eager for Coming Pink Wave

The Korean Dry Cleaners Association has organized its members to prepare for the upcoming market opportunity that the World Cup will create. Spokesman Hong, Suk-Moon, 47, speaking to reporters at his office in Dongdaemoon stated, "the flood of cheap Chinese-made red dye shirts will lead to millions of pink t-shirts, underwear,and socks. Our members will be prepared to bleach the Red Devil out of these once-ivory white undergarments."

Many Korean dry cleaners are preparing marketing initiatives encouraging Korean customers to alternately "Get the Red Devil Out of Your Undies!" and to "Get That Devil Blood Out of Your White Garments!!"

"I just pray that millions of Koreans throw their Be The Reds t-shirts into their washing machines, with the hot water turned on......that's what I hope will's my true dream."

Posted by theyangpa at 1:31 AM JST

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