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The Yangpa
Friday, 9 December 2005
Ajumma Convicted of Sabotage

An unnamed 54-year-old Chongno ajumma has been arrested on charges that she repeatedly sobotaged other ajumma's dok-pok-i stands. According to the police, the woman was suspected of pouring turpentine ,gasoline and other unsavory liquids into the cooking pans of competing ajummas.

Mra. Lee, 49, spoke to this reporter about the woman's repeated efforts to sabotage her dok-pok-i. "At first it was a game. When I wasn't looking, she would pour a pitcher of water into my perfect rice cakes. I would hit her, fake a little laughter and return the trick. But then she started with the gasoline. She couldn't stand that the kids preferred my tok-pok-i to hers. She just burned with jealousy."

Police became suspicious after numerous patrons complained of severe stomach ailments following their cheap eats.

Posted by theyangpa at 8:21 PM WST
Updated: Friday, 9 December 2005 8:24 PM WST

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