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The Yangpa
Monday, 29 August 2005
Make-Up Related Neck Injuries Increasing

Korean hospitals and chiropractors report that an increasing number of Korean women are suffereing from chronic neck pain. The neck pain is most often a result of the heavy amounts of foundation, lip-liner, blush, eye shadow and mascara that thickly coat many Korean women's faces.

A 46-year-old woman, requesting that her name not be disclosed, said that she noticed a problem two months after she began using a thick foundation make-up. "At work, I would feel my face begin to lean forward and I would have to snap my neck back like we used to do in high school when we started to fall asleep."

Doctors added that the condition is exacerbated by the hours spent applying make-up. "When a women spends 35 minutes every morning on the subway with her neck and chin extended in front of her compact, it's not surprising there will be skelto-m,uscular ramificatins," said a doctor at Yonsei University Hospital.

Posted by theyangpa at 6:17 PM JST

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