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The Yangpa
Thursday, 18 August 2005
Yeosu City Introduces Kobuksan Chigae

The southern Cholla port city of Yeosu, seriously depressed after losing out to Shanghai in the rights to host the 2010 World Expo, has introduced a brand new soup that plans to capture the city's historical role in Korea. In the late 16th Century, Admiral Yi Sun-Sin led the famous Kobuksan (Turtle Ship) into battle and helped defeat the hated Japanese bastards.

Mr. Kim Chong-Hyon, a seafood restaurant owner, claims to have been the first to have thought of Kobuksan Chigae (Turtle Stew). In front of his restaurant, named TurtleYum!!!, a large aquarium/terrarium is fillled with sand and water. Dozens of turtles, each sporting a small sail and Korean flag attached to their back, waits to be chosen by a customer.

When a customer chooses a certain turtle, it is quickly chopped up and transformed into spicy turtle stew. If the customers have children, Mr. Kim says the restaurant will turn the turtle shells into small "KobuksanCaps", for a small charge of course.

Posted by theyangpa at 11:27 PM JST

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