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The Yangpa
Saturday, 6 August 2005
Local Ajumma Being Treated for Premature Insinuation

An unnamed 58 year-old ajumma, Ms. "Hong" is being treated for a rare behavioral condition named premature insinuation. This condition usually found among children at amusement parks causes its sufferers to leap ahead in lines or crowds in order to be the first one on a ride. For this ajumma, it most often manifests itself on subway platforms and bus stops.

The first symptom of the condition is excessive fidgeting and pacing during the waiting or pre-boarding period. On the subway this is followed by attempted entry prior to the subway doors opening. Similar behavior can occur at elevator doors. At bus stops, Ms. Hong is known to run into busy traffic upon seeing her bus up to 70 meters away, with little or no concern for her own personal safety.

Her family was so worried that she might be run over or hurt herself while crashing into subway doors that they forced her into treatment. Ms. Hong is undergoing patience development therapy along with yoga and breathing exercises that will hopefully help her board buses and trains with more dignity.

Posted by theyangpa at 5:33 PM JST

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