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The Yangpa
Thursday, 4 August 2005
Teacher's False Love of Posingtang Annoys Co-workers
34 year-old business English instructor Bruce Morgan, originally from Saskatoon, never misses a chance to tell Korean businessmen how much he loves posintang, or dog soup. His co-workers who often teach the smae students are getting sick of it.

"Just yesterday, Mr. Moon kept bugging me,'why not eat dog stew, like Mr. Bruce? He eats all the time'. The problem is, he doesn't, he lies about his affection for puppy soup. He wouldn't touch the stuff any more than a radical vegetarian PETA terrorist would. I guess he thinks it makes Koreans like him more. It makes all of us like him less."

On numerous occasions, businessmen have asked Bruce to join them for some posintang, and everytime he answers along the lines of, "Oh, I just had posintang yesterday, maybe next time." One time while teaching with his classroom door open, he was overheard waxing nostalgic about a fantasy bowl of soup he had in a small fishing village on the Cholla coast. His co-worker recalled him regaling his students of "the soup that made his grandma's chicken noodle soup seem terrible by comparison."

Posted by theyangpa at 8:47 PM JST
Updated: Thursday, 4 August 2005 8:56 PM JST

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